DVD – Amazingly Serene HD music video with Maui, Hawai’i’s Volcanic Nakalele Blowhole


A beautiful high definition Zen music video of Hawaii with scenes from Nakalele Blowhole and the warm sandy Beaches of Maui featuring relaxing and tranquil music and gentle ocean sounds with 528 Hz Solfeggio sound waves for relaxation, mediation, yoga and healing.

Set on Maui island’s northwestern coast, Nakalele Blowhole is a natural geyser where seawater trapped in an underwater lava tube is searching for a way to escape.

You may also find Maui’s Heart Shaped Rock where you’ll see a heart shaped hole that’s formed in the middle of the rocks, and frames a coastal, tropical scene of mountains, seashore, and waves. The hole in the rock is now a social media darling—more popular than even the blowhole—though it can never compete with the time-stopping fury that Nakalele can bring; a thunderous, vertical, rainbow-clad marvel, with a view stretching out to the Molokaʻi cliffs, the blue Pacific, and beyond.

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