3 ways music makes our lives better.

1. Music raises our mood.

Our emotions tune in to our music. Deep down, we always knew it. Felt it, at least. But it’s more than a feeling — actual science backs it up. Happy music will make us see neutral things in a bright light. And melancholic music has the reverse effect. Music has a strong impact on how we feel and on our everyday life.

2. Music helps our body heal.

That’s right, just like cats do with purring. They use it to heal their body and rest their mind. Since most of us aren’t capable of purring — we unconsciously use music to get the same result. Did you know that music can alter your perception of pain? You just need to find the right song.

3. Music helps us relax.

Music is a natural sleep aid and anxiety reliever. Some tunes can even bring us to a meditative state of mind. And here’s the funny part: we’re all unique in the songs that have that effect on us. Which means, you’re absolutely right when you say “XXX song is the best song ever.” Just like our best friend is right with another song — it all depends on the alchemy of our brains.